The Couple's Travel Survival Guide

(How to not kill each other while you're away)

Written by Ryan and Lucy Williams

This book is an essential travel companion for those planning an awesome getaway with their partner and a desire to not kill each other along the way. Part travel guide, part adult activity book, there is also stuff to colour in too.

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We're really pleased to announce that our little book is now available online through our shiny new Tictail store. We have a limited number of copies for you to get your mitts on, and are currently printing new copies.

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The Couple's Travel Survival Guide - Book Cover

How not to kill each other

Here's a sneaky peek at some of the book's internal giblets. Read it if you value your lives.

   Know yourselves

Knowing why you're travelling. Knowing the person you're travelling with. Knowing what to do and see. Knowing when you've had enough. Knowing when you've had too much.

   To boldly go without

Travel broadens the mind, but thins the wallet. Tips and guidance in the preparation of your travel finances. To boldy go, you must first boldy go without.

   No finger pointing

If you value your digits, refrain from pointing them at each other when something goes wrong. Always move forward. Grudge not lest ye be grudged yourself.

   Get your game on

A bespoke range of activities to keep insanity outside of the camper van. Gamify those long journeys and get your face out of the screen - connect to each other, not Facebook.

Why we wrote this book...

The idea was generated whilst discussing what it meant for us to be surviving long term travel, mentally, emotionally and physically. We had been through some insane situations, good and bad, and decided to write this book so we could help other couples in similar siuations.

Much of the advice in the book is written from the perspective of a couple (us). The information has been devised, tried and tested from the steamy Amazonian rainforests to the steamed up windows of a camper van in New Zealand.

We couldn't find the book we wanted to read, so we wrote the book we wanted to read.

Ryan & Lucy Williams

Ryan and Lucy Williams - Authors of The Couple's Travel Survival Guide

Where can I buy it?

We're very proud to announce that the book is now available to buy through our Tictail store...

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